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Rotary Percussion System™ (RPS)

The patented RPS Rotary Percussion System combines the best advantages of rotary drilling and percussive drilling. The rotary cutting action combined with a percussive element allows for formations to fracture more easily. Thereby, RPS can drill efficiently in most formations whether hard or soft which leads to improved penetration rates and reduced drilling costs. The Plug and play design makes it easy to fit the RPS system on your existing rotary drills.

Terelion’s rotary-percussion tools provide unparalleled performance, versatility and reliability to virtually any rotary drilling environment. Designed for air rotary operations, the RPS delivers increased rate of penetration, reduced total drilling cost and more value to the bottom line, with its unique ability to harness rotary and percussion forces. The RPS tool employs the efficient application of the compressed air energy, not just maximum striking force per blow. This application is complementary to existing rotary drilling forces, and that synergy is utilized to maximize rate of penetration and overall performance.

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Features and benefits

The Plug and play design to fit on your existing rotary drills effectively makes the RPS a broad application tool for the blast hole market. RPS will operate efficiently on any air rotary drill rig with 80-105 psi available.

Combining percussive energy with a rotary action allows formations to fracture more easily which in turn leads to increased drilling penetration rates.

The combined RPS action also drills without problem in consolidated or broken formations and transitional hard or soft formation changes. The system works as a rotary drill bit when a percussive action is not possible, such as when encountering groundwater.

A high quality, energy focused bit is necessary to ensure the best drilling results possible. The RP bit series is designed specifically for use with the RPS tool to maximize ROP and minimize TDC. Switching out bits is easy – all RPS tools are built with API bit connections.