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TARGET™ – HDD Series

TARGET series bits are available in both open bearing and sealed bearing configurations. All TARGET bits are equipped with patented High Energy Tumbled™ (HET) inserts and patented EdgeGuard™ shirttail protection, which directly addresses the critical wear area in HDD applications, significantly increasing bit life and driving down the cost of HDD applications.

Designed specifically for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and trenchless technology applications. Available in both open bearing and sealed bearing configurations.


Features and benefits

EdgeGuard Shirttail Protection
TARGET dramatically advances the design of sealed bearing bits with its patented EdgeGuard shirttail protection package. This forward-thinking design helps avoid the traditional tradeoff between bearing package size and shirttail protection. Patented EdgeGuard technology deploys patented tungsten carbide plates along the shirttail edge. These space efficient plates maximize protection of the seal and bearing without constraining bearing capacity.

High Energy Bearing Seal and Labyrinth Seal Ring
Bearing seal technology is comprised of a conical seal gland designed for increased seal reliability. Positioning the seal in the conical gland to reduce seal movement, improving seal location and interface. The bit also incorporates an innovative patented Labyrinth seal ring protection system. The labyrinth ring keeps cutting fines from entering the seal gland area extending seal and bearing life.

Improved Cutting Elements
Terelion's patented High Energy Tumbling (HET) method produces a unique cutting structure surface that extends bit life and increases drilling rate.

Full Coverage Cutters
TARGET series Full Coverage Cutters are sealed bearing and compensated components with advanced cutting structures for outstanding performance in hole opener and reamer applications. All Full Coverage cutters carry Varel’s patented high performance HET inserts.