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RCPRO™ Technology

Allows Terelion design engineers to develop and fully optimize a roller cone cutting structure and bearing design for a specific application. Information generated within RCPRO™ is then delivered to Terelion’s advanced modeling roller cone software drilling package for further refining.


Features and benefits

Time Savings
With our goal to provide products faster than anyone else this software fits that goal. It can be used to design and optimize a cutting structure based on standards and best practices by taking into account tooth spacing, overlap, interference, and minimum section between all cutting structure and bearing components. All design work done in RCPRO™ can then be transferred to our virtual drilling simulator for further refinement.

Design Accuracy
Accuracy of the RCPRO™ design process is achieved by utilizing programmed standards and best practices to optimize cutting structure, bearing design, and bearing component selection. The use of programmed standards within our design software ensures the quality and consistency of designs and allows for a clean process when designing and manufacturing new products