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Metallurgy Lab

Terelion products are backed by extensive laboratory testing in the Houston Technology Center. Component and materials testing can be done in the Technology center before and during the manufacturing process guaranteeing manufactured as designed products to the mining and construction industry.


Features and benefits

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
The SEM helps Terelion scientists to determine composition of components prior to use and also their composition after heat treatment to make sure that what the Mining Engineers have designed for a finished product is being built to the correct specifications.

Hardness Testing
Indentation testing is done to determine the tensile strength of a material as the hardness correlates linearly with the tensile strength. This gives the Terelion Scientists the ability to perform in-house non-destructive testing to qualify components for use in Mining bits.

Polishing Equipment
Terelion scientists have the ability to mount any specimen in a phenolic material for polishing to gain a better visual when using the SEM to determine properties of parts that are destined for the bits. With in-house polishing, exact parts of the component can be mounted for closer scrutiny by the team to make sure the component meets the exact specifications determined by the Mining engineers.